Can my Ex take our Child Interstate?

17 January 2023

Is it lawful for an ex partner to take your child interstate temporarily (e.g. for a holiday)?

The simple answer is; unless there is a Court Order in place prohibiting interstate travel altogether, or prohibiting interstate travel without consent, interstate travel is lawful.

Usually, where parents are co-parenting and a shared care arrangement is in place in respect of children, it is courteous, and good co-parenting to, well in advance (where possible):

1. obtain the other parent’s consent to the trip;

2. send the other parent an itinerary (e.g. a message with intended travel dates, destinations, copies of travel tickets, contact details whilst away and planned times of communication between children and the non-travelling parent).

If there is a Court Order in place which contains terms dealing with interstate travel, such terms should be complied with, except where there is a ‘reasonable excuse‘ for non-compliance, such as an emergency situation.

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