Best Family Lawyer Townsville? Best Family Lawyer Mount Isa?

17 January 2023


The best family lawyers have many traits in common.

Some traits are obvious – such as experience and legal knowledge – but others are often overlooked by those seeking the best family lawyer for their situation.

Often overlooked traits include:

1. The lawyer gains a detailed understanding of a matter by asking lots of questions early and taking time to get to know their client.

2. The lawyer has extensive practical knowledge. This may include knowledge of things like effective third party services, such as mediators, arbitrators, barristers, counsellors, valuers, accountants, financial advisors, loan brokers and other experts. It may also include things like knowledge of third party requirements (such as bank / finance requirements), and tax, stamp duty and government benefit implications.

3. The lawyer’s knowledge is not only limited to knowledge of the family law. Rather, the lawyer has knowledge and experience covering various fields. This is crucial where the family law matter(s) run alongside other legal matters such as criminal, domestic violence and/or civil proceedings.

4. The lawyer is resolution rather than conflict focused. This translates to the lawyer at times giving the client advice which the client may not wish to receive, but which it is in the client’s best interest to receive.

5. The lawyer makes themselves available to talk and provide guidance via phone or in person, rather than simply seeking instructions from the client via email.

6. The lawyer keeps the client up to date; the client is never left wondering ‘where things are up to’.

7. The lawyer presents all options, including those which are most cost effective for the client, and explains the potential advantages and disadvantages of each option.

8. The lawyer is up front about potential costs, and where a fixed fee cannot reasonably be provided, provides a detailed summary of the scope of work to be completed with estimates, and factors which might affect such estimates.

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