High-Touch Family Law Services That Get Superior Results

Having me in your corner means getting your family the most advantageous family law outcome in the quickest time frame and with the least amount of stress possible.

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High-Touch Family Law Services That Get Superior Results

Having me in your corner means getting your family the most advantageous family law outcome in the quickest time frame and with the least amount of stress possible.

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Leverage my 13+ years of experience
handling thousands of family law issues.


An unjust property settlement can have life-long consequences. I fight hard for clients in family law property settlement proceedings so they get the settlement they deserve.


Divorce (termination of marriage) can be an emotional and daunting process. Experienced family lawyers like me make the divorce process as quick and stress-free as possible, even where tricky issues may apply.


Relying on my 13+ years of experience in child custody litigation, I work tirelessly and intelligently to get the best possible child custody Orders.


Nothing is more important than our children. I have helped hundreds of clients secure the best possible relationship with their children through high-touch, proficient negotiations.


Properly drafted and obtained parenting consent orders provide peace of mind in relation to children. I regularly draft and obtain clear, comprehensive and practically feasible parenting / child custody Consent Orders.


Binding Financial Agreements are an alternative to Consent Orders and useful in other circumstances, such as where a 'pre-nup' is desired. I am adept at navigating the complex and strict laws applicable to Binding Financial Agreements in Australia.


Property settlement Consent Orders bring finality and peace of mind. In the last 13+ years I have helped a diverse range of clients obtain and effect hundreds of property settlement Consent Orders covering the simplest property pools, to the most complex.


Finality in relation to child support payments can often be achieved via a Binding Child Support Agreement. In my 13+ years of practising family law, I have become proficient in preparing, obtaining and lodging Binding Child Support Agreements.


The treatment of military invalidity pensions in family law property settlements is a complex area of law. Having practiced family law in the home of Australia's largest military base for many years, I am adept at handling family law property settlements involving military invalidity pensions.

There are countless reasons
why clients give us 5-star reviews.

From start to finish, we will guide you
every step of the way.


Book your 20-minute free chat so we can discuss your situation. Once I understand the pertinent details, I will provide a recommendation on how to best move forward.


If your situation warrants a longer consultation, we can arrange a date and time for it. I will send you a form to return prior to our second call. It contains information relevant to your type of matter that I will need to advise you on. I don’t put a time limit on this consultation.


After the longer consultation, I will confirm my advice via a written letter and accompanying documents. Where I recommend that you retain my services, I will explain in detail as to why.

"I am a former colleague of Kyle’s. He is diligent, knowledgeable and thorough. A lawyer's lawyer. If I couldn't act for myself in my own Family Law matter, I'd want him in my corner." - Adam Harvey (Solicitor of Harvey Legal)

Move forward with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

Broad Experience

I am experienced in a broad range of legal fields — not just family law. As such, and given I have worked as a senior investigator for the Queensland government, I have knowledge of criminal and domestic violence processes, government investigation procedures, finance requirements and property laws, practices and procedures. This gives me a distinct advantage over most family law practitioners.

Smart + Strategic

Unlike other solicitors, I regularly retain Australia’s best family law barristers at an early stage of the litigation process. I then give detailed advice and a clear plan of attack at the earliest possible stage. I do these things to give you the maximum advantage possible.

“A Lawyer’s Lawyer”

I have extensive experience in the treatment of military invalidity pensions in family law property settlements. Many clients hire me because their current lawyer lacks the experience on how this ought to be handled. In fact, other lawyers engage me to help them understand this area, and develop a plan for their client.


I gain an intimate understanding of every matter I take on. I analyse the facts, the players, issues and the relevant law early. I thoroughly develop an intelligent case plan so you are always way ahead of your opponent.

High-touch Service

Work with me and you will never have to wonder how your matter is progressing. I provide regular updates and realistic, detailed and holistic legal guidance all throughout your matter. I push the pace and ensure you know what is going on at all times.


Get answers to your questions within the same day or often within a 24-hour period. Whether face to face, online, or phone, I’m readily available for a consultation via any medium that works for you.

Ethical + Efficient

Clients often tell me how reassured and safe they feel because of how hard I work, how fast I deliver, how thoroughly I complete tasks, and the extensive thought and care I exercise all throughout our work together.

Use my uncommon combination of experience, smarts, and skills to gain the upper hand.


Frequently asked questions

  • Are you insured?

    Yes – we have professional indemnity insurance through Lexon Insurance.

  • Do you guarantee results?

    Due to the nature of family law matters, including the extent to which a client’s own conduct (and especially future conduct) can impact an outcome, and the significant latitude afforded to judicial decision-making, we cannot guarantee certain results.

    However, where you provide accurate instructions and adhere to our advice, you will seize an advantage you would otherwise not have seized, and achieve the best possible outcome for yourself and your family.

    We also guarantee that we will work hard for you and provide the highest-touch family law service possible.

  • Do you provide fixed fees?

    For set legal tasks, such as obtaining and effecting Consent Orders where parties have reached agreement, we provide fixed fees. The fee depends largely on complexity and is ascertained through an initial discussion with the client — free of charge.

    For ongoing jobs that encompass an unpredictable amount of work (such as contested litigation), we usually cannot provide a fixed fee.

  • Do you require fees paid up front?

    Except in limited circumstances, we require at least a portion of our anticipated fees to be placed into trust before commencing work. Such deposit is required to not only secure some of our professional fees, but also to cover out of pocket expenses that we expect to incur in conducting your matter, such as Court filing fees, search fees and barrister’s fees.

  • How do you ensure you will provide me attentive service?

    We do not take on too many matters and we are selective about the matters we do take on. We tend to focus on family law litigation and matters involving substantial and/or complex negotiations or issues. Where it is irresponsible to take on a new client considering our current workload, we will say so up front.

  • How many family law matters have you handled?

    Thousands— covering just about every type of family law issue imaginable.

  • How responsive are you?

    We pride ourselves on picking up the phone when a client calls, immediately answering emails and taking the time to talk to and listen to our clients. We push matters forward by doing things like following up on correspondence without any prompting from you.

    Where we are ‘out-of-action’ (for example due to being in Court or a mediation, or in the midst of preparing Court material urgently), we notify our clients and give an estimate on how long we might be temporarily out of reach.

  • How will you communicate with me?

    We can communicate face to face or via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, phone, text, or any medium you are most comfortable with.

  • Will I really get an advantage by engaging you?

    By engaging us, you will be utilising 13+ years of experience dealing with all manner of legal problems and thousands of family law issues. Whatever problems you are dealing with now, chances are that we have successfully dealt with similar ones many times before. Gain the upper hand by working with someone who is willing to work harder, faster, smarter and more attentively than anyone else.

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